people on the ice while people in stands are watching them

Reserve Ice / Rentals

Need to rent ice? We offer weekday daytime ice at a low discounted price for coaches/instructors who wish to work with a limited number of skaters.

The rates below are for number of skaters only. Coach or instructor is not counted as a skater. This is for Monday-Friday 9am-4pm.

  • 1-2 skaters $65 per hour
  • 3-4 skaters $85 per hour
  • 5-6 skaters $105 per hour
  • 7-8 skaters $125 per hour
  • 9-10 skaters $145 per hour
  • 11-12 skaters $165 per hour
  • 13+ skaters $225 per hour

Please fill out the form below to rent ice. Allow up to 24 hours for a response. A waiver must be filled out at the arena when you arrive. If under 18 years old, an adult must sign the waiver.

General Waiver

Pick Up Waiver

For more information, send Ryan DiFilippo an email.

Rent Ice